Tuesday, January 13, 2015

January 13th, 2015-Toronto

Location: Cadillac Lounge
Episodes: Lady Bovier's Lovers, Stark Raving Dad, Mountain of Madness
Categories: Troy McClure, Animals
Winners: They Slept, They Stole, They Were Rude To The Other Players. But Still, There Goes The Best Damn Team A Trivia Night Ever Saw

1. They Slept, They Stole, They Were Rude To The Other Players. But Still, There Goes The Best Damn Team A Trivia Night Ever Saw, 46.5pts
2.Sex Cauldron, 44.5pts
3.The Team That Can`t Show Any Weakness In Front of The Russians, 44pts
3.The Nelsons featuring The Steamed Hams, 44pts
5. We're The Stupid Morons With Ugly Faces and Big Butts and Our Butts Smell and We Like to Kiss Our Own Butts, 38.5pts
6.The Fruit Punch Advisory Board, 38pts
7.Recipe Related Bumper Cars, 37.5pts
8.The Merciless Peppers of Quetzalacatenango, 37pts
9.Moleman in the Morning! (Good Moleman to You), 36.5pts
10.University of Minnesota Spankalogical Protocol, 35pts
11.The Name You Want to Touch But Must'nt Touch, 34.5pts
11.Here at Globex We Don`t Believe in Team Names! Matter of Fact, I Didn`t Even Give You My Coat, 34.5pts
11.Bovine University Alumni, 34.5pts
11.Aww No! The Trivia! Paul Newman's Gonna Have My Legs Broke, 34.5pts
11.Lousy Smarch Weather, 34.5pts
11.Stop The Planet of The Apes This Team Wants To Get Off, 34.5pts
17.Trabampoline!, 33.5pts
17.Good Team Name! Thanks, it`s just Brown & Water, 33.5pts
19.In a Tie For Sixth with Table Time and Allied Biscuit, 33pts
20.Dear Chris, This Might Be The Beer Talking But You Have A Butt That Won`t Quit………$5??? Get Out Of Here…, 32.5pts
21.Churchy LaFamme, 32pts
22.The Leg Up Program, 31.5pts
22.Simpsons Did It, 31.5pts
24.This Team Was Forced Out Of Trivia in 1974. They Said Our Way Of Thinking Wasn't Cost Effective. Well That And We Were Funnelling Profits, 31pts
25.This Team Engaged in Intercourse with Your Spouse or Significant Other. Now THAT'S Trivia!, 30.5pts
26.Abortions For Some, 29.5pts
27.Bigger Than Jesus, 29pts
28.The Pimps and The CHUDs, 28.5pts
29.My Team's a Box! Damn you, a Box!!, 28pts
29.A World Without Zinc, 28pts
31.A Team Fiendishly Clever in it's Intricacies, 27.5pts
32.You`ll Have To Speak Up, I`m Wearing a Towel, 27pts
32.Our Team Name Means Lamb, Lamb of God!, 27pts
34.Hot Dog We Have a Weiner, 26.5pts
35.The Blurst of Teams, 25pts
37.Nazi Supermen Are Our Superiors, 22.5pts
38.The Crippled Irishmen, 22pts
38.Remember Our Team Name? We`re Back In Pog Form!, 22pts
38.Don`t You Hate Pants?, 22pts
38.A Man Named Enis, 22pts
42.This is Supposed To Be Simpsons Trivia, not the Bleedin`……..Splish Splash Show!, 21pts
43.Worker and Parasite, 20.5pts
43.The Flaming Homers, 20.5pts
45.Purple Monkey Dishwasher, 19.5pts
46.Real Acid?, 18pts
47.What's Your Least Favorite Country, Italy? Or France? No one ever says Italy, 16.5pts
47.Mr Black, 16.5pts
49.Thrill-House, 16pts
50.And I 'ate His Little Mess Too, 15pts
51.Lousy Smarch Weather #2, 14.5pts
52.Project Badass, 14pts
52.Gudger College Alumni, 14pts
54.Sterling Duds, 12.5pts
55.Get To The MONEY!!!, 12pts
55.Do You Accept This Team In Richness, And In Poorness? Poorness Is Underlined, 12pts
57.The Big Team of British Smiles, 11pts
58.The Team That Turned Into A Hardcore Sex Channel So Gradually You Hardly Noticed, 10.5pts
59.The Congressmen and Women of Homer Simpson`s Ass, 9.5pts
60.Worker and Parasite#2, 9pts
60.Lousy Smarch Weather#3, 9pts
60.Good Things Don't End in "Eum", 9pts
63.Hired Goons?, 7.5pts
64.Officer Steve Grabowski, 7pts

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  1. Looks like we'll all be taking golden showers from now on!