Monday, December 22, 2014

December 4, 2014 - Brooklyn

Location: Berry Park
Categories: Smithers; Shopping
Episodes: Marge Be Not Proud; Stark Raving Dad; The Homer They Fall
Looks like Rusty's team got a discipline problem. Maybe that's why we beat them at Simpsons Trivia nearly half the time...

Final Standings:

1. Looks like Rusty's team got a discipline problem. Maybe that's why we beat them at Simpsons Trivia nearly half the time..., 49 pts
2. Andrew, we must have you back. Just come for a ride with us in our mobile command unit, 48.5 pts 
3. We have a ham radio...  45.5 pts
4. It was the best of teams, it was the blurst of teams, 43.5 pts
5. Cesspool on the Potomac, 43 pts
6. This teams got a hot date... a date... dinner with friends... dinner alone... watching tv alone... ok ok, we're gonna go to berry park general knowledge trivia. Buzz.. Simpsons trivia.. Ding. We don't deserve this kinda shabby treatment, 42.5 pts
7. You're always trying to give me long trivia names. What is it with you? I just think they're neat, 42 pts
7. All of our founding fathers, astronauts, and trivia winners have either been drunk or on cocaine, 42 pts
9. The Committee to Reelect Les Weinan, 39.5 pts
9. This is the team with electricity but it has too much electricity, so I don't know you might wanna wear a hat, 39.5 pts
11. Chief Breakeverything 37.5 pts
12. The team that cant believe it, but now its pants are chaffing it, 37 pts
13. Stewed Prunes, 36 pts
14. The best damn pet shop in town, 34 pts
14. Of course we could make the questions more challenging, but then the stupider teams will be in here furrowing their brow in a vain attempt to understand the situation, 34 pts
14. Super nintendo chalmers / Powersauce, 34 pts
17. I'm seeing double! Four Dans!, 33 pts
18. I'm sorry I can't disclose that information about that customer's secret illegal account. oh crap I shouldnt have said that's a customer. Oh crap I shouldnt have said it's a secret. Oh crap, I certainly shouldn't have said it was illegal. Ah it's too hot today., 31.5 pts
19. This team engaged in sexual intercourse with your spouse or significant other, 29 pts
19. A groin-grabbingly good team, 29 pts
21. A group of oil tycoons who make foolish purchases, 28.5 pts
22. And with a flute up his nose..., 27 pts
22. Nerdlinger's Bra Bombs, 27 pts
22. Santos L Halper, 27 pts
25. The Mattel/Mars bar quick energy choco-bot hour, 26 pts
26. Can you repeat question 5? You'll have to speak up I'm wearing a towel, 24 pts
27. Le Maison Derriere, 23 pts
28. Pray for Mojo, 22.5 pts
28. You have selected regicide, 22.5 pts
30. University of Minnesota Spankological Protocol, 21 pts
31. One day, honest citizens are gonna stand up to you crooked cops, 20.5 pts
32. Supernintendo Chalmers, 19.5 pts
33. Up Yours, Children, 18.5 pts
34. And here come the pretzels. A barrage of pretzels now knocking whitey ford unconscious. This is a black day for baseball, 18 pts
35. Professor PJ cornucopia fantastic food magorium and all american steakery, 15.5 pts
36. Poochie's dead!, 15 pts

37. The host stole my joke , 2 pts

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