Thursday, October 23, 2014

October 20, 2014 - Chicago

Location: Pizzeria Serio
Episodes: Treehouse of Horror III, Treehouse of Horror VI, Treehouse of Horror V
Categories: Monsters, Treehouse of Horror
Winner: Like Us, Let Your Children Run Wild and Free, Because As The Old Saying Goes, Let Your Children Run Wild and Free

1. Like Us, Let Your Children Run Wild and Free, Because As The Old Saying Goes, Let Your Children Run Wild and Free, 47 pts
2. The Pageant of the Transmundane, 45 pts
3. T is For Her Tooth-Filled Mouth, 44 pts
4. Only Members of This Team Have Special Rings, 43 pts
5. Dial “V” for Vassar Bashers, 42.5 pts
6. Team Dream, Team Scream and Team Steam Magazine, 41.5 pts
6. Square Pancakes (Margaret and Tanner), 41.5 pts
8. The Killbot Factory!, 41 pts
9. Don’t Blame Me, I Voted for Kodos, 40.5 pts
10. Killbot Factory, 38.5 pts
11. Texas Deathmatch, 38 pts
11. Heads of the Spaceology Department at the Correspondence College of Tampa, 38 pts
13. Simpsons Trivia at Serio! Tell ‘Em Big Baby Sent Ya! I Know You Can Hear Me! I’m Talkin’ to You!, 36.5 pts
14. No, Money Down!, 36.5 pts
14. We’re Not a Stabby Trivia Team, We’re a Singing Trivia Team, 36.5 pts
16. Neil Arsenty is a Brilliant Man, with Plenty of Well Thought-Out Practical Ideas; He is Assuring the Financial Security of this Trivia Night and his Personal Hygiene is Beyond Reproach, 35.5 pts
17. The Drug Dealer... Keeper Awayers, 34.5 pts
18. Pfft! All These Teams are Just a Rip-Off of Judas Priest, 34 pts
19. Excessive Pizzeria Serio Consumption Can Cause Liver Damage and Cancer of the Rectum, 33.5 pts
20. Insert Scary Team Name, 33 pts
21. Who Holds Back the Electric Car? Who Makes Neil Arsenty a Star? WE DO! WE DO!, 32.5 pts
22. The Clown College Graduates aka The Princeton Alums, 31.5 pts
23. The Team Next to the Team with No Costumes, 30.5 pts
23. International Brotherhood of Jazz Dancers, Pastry Chefs and Nuclear Technicians, 30.5 pts
25. Our Team Needs a Warm Glass of Milk, A Little Nap, and a Total Frontal Lobotomy, 30 pts
25. Eggplant Xerxes Crybaby Overbite Narwol, 30 pts
25. Die Trivia, Die, 30 pts
28. Smooth Jimmy Apollo’s Lock of the Week, 29.5 pts
29. You’ll Be Seeing Lots of Nuns Where You’re Going, Pal, 28 pts
30. Hey Hey! Tonight We’re Going to Suck... Your Blood, 26.5 pts
31. Spin the Middle Side Topwise, 22.5 pts
32. Damn Hell Ass Kings, 21.5 pts
33. Pray for Mojo, 20.5 pts
34. Supernintendo Chalmers, 19.5 pts
35. Rich Uncle Skeleton, 17 pts
36. The Greased Willies, 16 pts
37. Globex Corporation, 11 pts
38. We’ll Regroup at Red Lobster, 8.5 pts

39. Save Me, Jeebus!, 6.5 pts

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