Tuesday, April 22, 2014

April 8, 2014 - Toronto

Location: Cadillac Lounge
Episodes: So It's Come To This: A Simpsons Clip Show, Lisa the Vegetarian, Radioactive Man
Categories: Fat Tony, Food
Winner: The Nelsons Featuring I Wager This Team Is Some Variety Of Walking Clock

Final Standings:
1. The Nelsons Featuring I Wager This Team Is Some Variety Of Walking Clock, 44 pts
2. Now We Know We're Not The Best Trivia Team. In Fact, When Chris Is Up There Blah Blah Blahing, We're Usually Doodling Or Mentally Undressing The First Place Team, 43.5 pts
3. The Team Of The Future Where Nothing Can Possib-lie Go Wrong, 41.5 pts
4. The Beer Barons, 40.5 pts
5. Sex Cauldron, 40 pts
6. Each Win Brings Us Closer To God. Catch Us, Lord, Catch Us!, 39 pts
7. Eastern Europe's Favourite Cat And Mouse Team, 38.5 pts
7. One Thing's For Sure: This Team Does Exist, 38.5 pts
9. Maybe It's The Beer Talking, Chris, But You Got A Butt That Won't Quit. They Got These Big Chewy Pretzels Here ajwyfuasdfhgasdf Five Dollars? Get Outta Here, 38 pts
9. The Mur-Diddly-Urderers, 38 pts
11. The Dateless Wonders, 37.5 pts
12. The Recruiters For The Springfield Communist Party, 37 pts
13. Hi Chris, The Studio Sent Me To Talk To You, Being A Former Simpsons Trivia Host Myself And The #1 Box Office Draw From 1939 to 1940, 36 pts
13. The Team That Brought Enough Gazpacho For All, 36 pts
13. You Want Us To Ask The Cast This Trivia Question, And Have The Cat Tell You The Answer? 'Cause The Cat's Gonna Get It, 36 pts
16. My Team's A Box! Damn You, A Box!!, 35.5 pts
16. The Team That's Actually A Peninsula, 35.5 pts
18. This Team Killed The Original Alfalfa, 33.5 pts
19. Kids, Let Me Tell You About Another So-Called "Wicked" Tean. They Had Long Hair And Some Wild Ideas, And They Didn't Always Do What Other People Thought Was Right. And That Team's Name Was.I Forget. But The Point IsI Forget That Too. Chris, You Know Who I'm Talking About? They Used To Drive That Blue Car, 33 pts
20. Leader Beans, 32.5 pts
21. Cheese Eating Surrender Monkeys, 31.5 pts
21. Pure. West., 31.5 pts
23. The Rand Corporation In Conjunction With The Saucer People Under The Supervision Of The Reverse Vampires, 31 pts
23. The Sons Of The Guy Who Played Huggy Bear, 31 pts
25. Hired Goons?, 30.5 pts
25. People Who Look Like Things, 30.5 pts
27. Andrew's Got Rehearsal, 29.5 pts
27. The Big Book Of British Smiles, 29.5 pts
29. Uh, Amanda Huggenkiss? Hey, I'm Looking For Amanda Huggenkiss? Ah, Why Can't I Find Amanda Huggenkess?, 28.5 pts
30. The Chair Recognizes The Little Team With The Gleam Of Hope In Their Eyes, 27.5 pts
31. In This County It Makes You Look Like A Pervert, But Every Single Scottish Person Does It, 27 pts
31. Man Alive, There Are Men Alive In Here, 27 pts
31. The Wiener Patrol, 27 pts
34. Rosencarl And Gildenlenny, 26 pts
35. Professor P.J. Cornucopia's Fantastic Teammagorium And Great American Steakery, 25.5 pts
36. Cadillac Doesn't Work On A Contingency Basis? No, Money Down!, 25 pts
37. Professor P.J. Cornucopia's Fantastic Foodmagorium And Great American Steakery, 23.5 pts
38. Lousy Smarch Weather, 22 pts
39. The I Didn't Do It Dancers, 21 pts
40. We Are Familiar With The Works of Pablo Naruda, 20.5 pts
41. The Best Damn Pet Shop In Town, 20 pts
41. Welcome Thrillho, 20 pts
41. Workers & Parasites, 20 pts
44. Team Birthday Boy Or Girl, 18 pts
45. So I Says To Mabel I Says, 17 pts
46. The Party Posse, 15 pts
47. A Team Full Of Hope And Some Cement, 14 pts
47. Stop! Stop! We're Already Dead, 14 pts
49. Stampy, 11.5 pts
50. British Invasion, 7.5 pts

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