Friday, October 11, 2013

October 3, 2013 - Brooklyn

Location: Berry Park
Categories: Kang & Kodos, Baseball & Softball
Episodes: Treehouse of Horror V, Treehouse of Horror VI, Treehouse of Horror VII
Winner: The Center for Re-Neducation

Final Standings:
1. The Center for Re-Neducation, 48 PTAs
2. The Fun Boys, 47 pts
3. Mooching War Widows, 46.5 pts
4. Hello, I Need The Largest Team Name You Have. No, That's Too Big, 45.5 pts
5. Not Now, We're Too Drunk, 44.5 pts
6. Let Me Have One Of Those Porno Magazine, A Large Box Of Condoms, A Bottle of Old Harper, A Couple Of Those Panty Shields, The Answer For Round 3, And One Of Those Disposable Enemas...Better Make It Two, 44 pts
7. Born To Runner-Up, 43.5 pts
7. Honk If You're Horny, 43.5 pts
9. Bart Gets To Ride In The Front Because He's A Good Guy At Trivia, 43 pts
10. You'll Go Where I Go, Defile What I Defile, Eat Who I Eat, 42 pts
10. Who Are Those Clowns In Congress Clowning? They Have No Business Being Clowns, They Should Leave The Clowning Business To All The Other Clowns In The Clowning Business, 42 pts
12. The Hammock District, 41.5 pts
13. The Stewed Prunes, 40.5 pts
14. Ya Used Me, Skinner! Ya Used Me!, 39.5 pts
14. Oh, Let's Say....Moe, 39.5 pts
14. The ReBigulators, 39.5 pts
17. Da Daaa Da Da Da HEY da da da da, 39 pts
18. Urge To Kill Rising, 38.5 pts
19. That's One Palindrome You Be Hearing For A While, 37 pts
20. In Rod We Trust, 36.5 pts
20. Where's The Any Key?, 36.5 pts
22. The Pimps And The C.H.U.D.S., 34 pts
22. The Bear Patrol, 34 pts
24. Brain & Nerve Tonic, 33.5 pts
25. Beware This Team Carries A Terrible Curse, 32 pts
26. Paul McCartney's Really Rippin' Lentil Soups, 31 pts
26. On Closer Inspection, These Are Loafers, 31 pts
28. Tennesseein' Is Tennebelievin', 26.5 pts
29. Put It In H, 26 pts
30. The Team That Sleeps On A Pile Of Money With Many Beautiful Ladies, 24 pts
31. Goons. Hired Goons., 23.5 pts
31. Can't You See This Barnyard Noise Guessing Game Is Tearing Us Apart?, 23.5 pts
33. You Promised Me Dog Or Higher, 20.5 pts
34. A Joint Venture Of Matsumura Fishworks and Tamaraguchi Heavy Manufacturing Concern, 19.5 pts
35. Ay Las Naranjas en La Cabeza, 19 pts
36. Shelbyville Manhattan, 12.5 pts
37. The Duds, 11.5 pts
38. Unemployed Boehners, 2 pts

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