Tuesday, July 16, 2013

July 15, 2013 - Toronto

Location: Cadillac Lounge
Episodes: Kamp Krusty, Mom And Pop Art, Wild Barts Can't Be Broken
Categories: Apu, Oh Canada!
Winner: Hired Goons

Final Standings
1. Hired Goons, 46 pts
2. Maybe We're Just Acting Stupid To Infiltrate A Gang of International Idiots, 45 pts
3. Sex Cauldron, 43 pts
4. This Team No Function Beer Without, 42.5 pts
5. This Things We Believe, 41.5 pts
6. The Cup and Ball Hogs, 40.5 pts
6. Gone To Trivia, Not Back, Avenge Death, 40.5 pts
6. Do Yourself A Favour, Don't Pick A Team Name...AAAHH!..Told You Not To Pick A Team Name, 40.5 pts
9. Chili! Red-Hot Texas-Style Chili! And We Got Ginger Ale! Boiling Hot Texas-Style Ginger Ale!, 39 pts
9. The Beer Barons, 39 pts
9. The 9th Bearded Infantry, 39 pts
12. Nuts & Gum, Together At Last, 37.5 pts
13. The Rand Corporation In Conjunction With The Saucer People Under The Supervision of The Reverse Vampires, 37 pts
14. This Is A Trivia, Not The Bleeding Splish Splash Show, 36.5 pts
14. MMmmm, Recirculated Air..., 36.5 pts
16. Kings! Damned Hell Ass Kings!, 35.5 pts
16. I'm Sorry, But This Team Cannot Divulge Information About That Customer's Secret ILlegal Account, 35.5 pts
18. The Team That Calls Themselves 'Steamed Hams', Despite The Fact That They're Obviously Grilled, 32 pts
19. A Team On A Squishee Bender Can Sure Do Some Crazy Things, 31.5 pts
20. Those Murderous Trolls, 31 pts
21. Ich Bin Ein Simpsons Trivia, 30 pts
22. Let's Call Ourselves Lisa S. No, That's Too Obvious, Let's Say L. Simpson, 29 pts
23. That Fancy Store-Bought Dirt, 28.5 pts
24. Raisin Roundies, 28 pts
25. We're Here For Microwave Cookery...No, Wait, Coping With Senility, 27.5 pts
25. The Team That Took Out All The Money We Made From Franchising And Bet It AGAINST The Harlem Globetrotters; We Thought The Generals Were Due, 27.5 pts
27. Long Protein Strands, 26 pts
28. Employees of Compuglobalhypermeganet, 24.5 pts
29. I'm Joe Namath, 22 pts
30. Discovery Channel, 21.5 pts
31. They Stick All The Jerks At Table 1, 20.5 pts
32. The Team That Obviously Had Help From Their Parents, 18.5 pts
33. Slap Some Bumper Stickers On It, 16 pts
34. I Thought The Cop Was A Prostitute, 15 pts
35. The Dr. Nick Rivieras, 14 pts
36. Zookeeper! Zookeeper! The Monkeys Are Killing Each Other, 12 pts
37. Grandpappy And Shebear, 11 pts
38. Inanimate Carbon Rod, 5.5 pts

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