Friday, May 17, 2013

May 14, 2013 - Toronto

Location: Cadillac Lounge
Episodes: Lisa On Ice, Dancin' Homer, Homer At The Bat
Categories: Ned Flanders, Sports
Winner: What Are You Going To Do With The Winner's Donuts, Sir? Oh, I Dunno, Throw Them On The Pile, I Guess

Final Standings:
1. What Are You Going To Do With The Winner's Donuts, Sir? Oh, I Dunno, Throw Them On The Pile, I Guess, 46.5 pts
2. Flowers By Irene, 43.5 pts
3. The Neglected Food Groups, 41.5 pts
4. Sex Cauldron, 39 pts
4. We're Awfully Uppity For A Team That Eats Bugs All Day, 39 pts
6. Our Team is Abuzz Over The Absence of Mark Rodkin, 37 pts
7. We're The Stupid Morons with Ugly Faces and Big Butts and Our Butts Smell, 36.5 pts
8. Hey, Our Team May Be Ugly And Hatefilled, But What Was The Other Thing You Said?, 36 pts
9. The Nelsons, 35.5 pts
10. Name Our Team? Can't Somebody Else Do It?, 34.5 pts
11. Please Excuse Our Handwriting, We Busted Whichever Hand It Is We Write With, 34 pts
11. We Drove 3000 Miles For This?, 34 pts
13. If Loving Your Team Is Lame, Then We Guess We're Just A Big Lame, 33.5 pts
14. The Big Bunch Of Ration Babies, 33 pts
14. Let That Be A Lesson To The Rest Of You Nuts, 33 pts
16. Go Ahead, First Place Team… Enjoy Your Donuts. Little Do You Know You're Getting Closer to the Poison Donut!, 32 pts
17. A Sextet Of Ale, 31.5 pts
17. Disgruntled Goat, Brown Nose Bear, Flatulent Fox, Rich Uncle Skeleton & Dinner Dog, 31.5 pts
17. Stupider Like A Fox, 31.5 pts
17. The Merciless Team of Quetzalacacatanango, 31.5 pts
21. Uosdwis R. Dewoh, 30 pts
22. The Team That Obviously Had No Help At All From Their Parents, 29.5 pts
23. The Team That Ate All The Tarragon And Drank All The Soy Sauce, 29 pts
23. The Team That Voted Kodos, 29 pts
23. There's No Sugar In Pixie Stix, 29 pts
26. Put It In H, 28.5 pts
27. This Team Has Hidden A Snake Somewhere In This Bar. The First Person to Find It Wins, 28 pts
28. Team Discovery Channel, 24.5 pts
29. Strap On Your Skates, Gordie, You're Going In, 23.5 pts
29. The Bart, The, 23.5 pts
31. Thrillhouse, 22.5 pts
32. The Rebigulators, 22 pts
33. Capital Knockers, 21.5 pts
33. The Benevanstanchianos, 21.5 pts
35. Police Cops, 20.5 pts
36. The Highly Pressing Package of Power Plant Profit Projections for Pete Porter in Pasadena, 19 pts
37. I Was Saying Boo-urns, 18.5 pts
38. Citywide Orgy Of Destruction, 17.5 pts
39. Spittle County Raiders "Birthplace of the Loogie", 17 pts
40. Never Forget, Homer, There's No Muscle Stronger Than The Human Heart, 16 pts
41. Aw, Twenty Dollars? But I Wanted A Peanut, 13.5 pts
42. Is The Poop Deck Really What I Think It Is?, 7.5 pts

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