Tuesday, October 25, 2011

October 25, 2011 - Toronto

Location: The Gladstone Hotel - Melody Bar
Episodes: Treehouse of Horror IV, Treehouse of Horror VII, Treehouse of Horror VIII
Categories: Dr. Nick Riviera, Tricks And Treats
Winner: The Starting Line Of The 1976 Philadelphia Flyers
Press Clippings:

The Onion AV Club - Toronto
Do you long for the days where The Simpsons were considered dangerous?  When political debates would use the show as a representative of all that was wrong in the world?  Us too.  Woo Hoo!  Classic Simpsons Trivia is entering its second year of fun, frivolity and Flanders at The Gladstone with an ever-growing crowd of Simpsons enthusiasts. Think you know your Simpsons? Well, the guys and girls who run and partake in this trivia night each month are here to show how just how wrong you really are. So, grab a pint of Duff, park your ass in a Spinemelter 2000 and join your like-minded friends for a night of laughs, songs, alcohol and the single greatest cartoon of all-time. 

Final Standings:
1. The Starting Line of the 1976 Philadelphia Flyers, 49 pts
2. Chugalug House, 48 pts
2. The Springfield Baggy Pants Players, 48 pts
4. Square Pancakes, 46.5 pts
5. Ach, I'm Bad At This, 45.5 pts
5. Sex Cauldron, 45.5 pts
7. The Popes of Chili Town, 45 pts
8. Oh No, BETA!, 44 pts
8. The Beer Barons, 44 pts
10. Gummi Artisans Working Exclusively In The Medium of Gummi, 43.5 pts
11. The Team Who Travelled The Least Distance To Be Here, 42 pts
11. Yes, I Am A Vampire by Monty Burns, with a Foreward by Steve Allen, 42 pts
13. Hired Goons?, 39.5 pts
13. The Mur-diddley-urdlers, 39.5 pts
15. Flancrest Enterprises, 39 pts
16. Abortions For Some, Miniature American Flags For Others, 38.5 pts
16. Hey Everybody! We're Two Stupid Morons With Ugly Faces And Big Butts And Our Butts Smell And We Like To Kiss Our Own Butts, 38.5 pts
18. The Free Range Children, 38 pts
19. Sloppy Jimbos, 37.5 pts
20. A Cement Mixer Filled With Hope And Some Cement, 36 pts
20. Trab Pu Kcip, 36 pts
22. Thrillho, 35.5 pts
23. Abortions For All, 35 pts
24. Linguo IS Dead, 34.5 pts
24. Mit Iodine, 34.5 pts
24. Mr. Snrub From Some Place Far Away, 34.5 pts
24. The Live-4-Ever, 34.5 pts
24. Wang Computers, 34.5 pts
29. There's No Such Thing As Scotchtoberfest, 34 pts
30. Damn Weiner Kids, 32.5 pts
31. Love Is Nice, starring Julia Roberts, 31.5 pts
31. The Thompsons, 31.5 pts
33. Give My Remains To Broadway, 30.5 pts
34. Fine And Dandy like Sour Candy, 29.5 pts
35. The Paddling Of The Swollen Ass...With Paddles, 29 pts
36. Bart Simpson Eminem, 28 pts
37. Team Fishbulb, 27 pts
38. Diagnosis: Delicious, 26.5 pts
38. The Forty Humans, 26.5 pts
40. Starland Vocal Band? They Suck!, 26 pts
40. The Doll Is Trying To Kill Me And The Toaster's Been Laughing At Me, 26 pts
42. How To Cook For Forty Humans, 25.5 pts
42. Lester and Eliza, 25.5 pts
44. Edgy, Remorseful, Dizzy, Tipsy, Surly, Queasy and Sleazy, 25 pts
44. Nuke The Whales, 25 pts
46. Gigantic Asses, 24 pts
46. (Do Not Write In This Space) O.K., 24 pts
48. Allied Biscuit, 20 pts
49. Pobody's Nerfect, 12 pts
50. Dondelinger's Honda, 5 pts

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